Why Choose a B & B?

Bob & Cheryl Pierce – Owners

A Hometown Experience

Tarry Here Bed & Breakfast is the first and only B & B in Salamanca, NY.  It is owned and operated by Bob & Cheryl Pierce.  Bob was born & raised in Salamanca, NY & is proudly of native Seneca descent.  Cheryl was born in Ohio and grew up on a small farm in Pennsylvania.

They opened Tarry Here Bed & Breakfast in May 2004.  Bob oversaw and completed much of the renovation work done on the property like adding private bathrooms to each room.  Together they run the day to day operations of the Salamanca, NY Bed and Breakfast.

Why Choose a Bed & Breakfast

While it may come as a surprise, bed and breakfasts are actually comparable in price to hotels.  Bed and breakfasts offer many of the amenities (and even the luxury) that hotels offer plus personal touches and local knowledge of the owners, while still being affordable.  So when planning your visit to Salamanca, Ellicottville, or Western New York what your decision comes down to is this: are you looking for mere accommodations, or would you like your lodging to be part of your travel experience?

What sets a bed and breakfast apart from average accommodations is the “breakfast” half of the equation.  While more and more hotels are moving toward providing a “continental breakfast,” a place like Tarry Here offers you a full, homemade meal each morning, served in a sunny dining room or out on the porch.  What you’re getting is the combination of a stellar meal and the peaceful getaway atmosphere – with none of the bustle of a crowded hotel lobby or the ordinary breakfast you would get at a restaurant chain.